Artificial Intelligence Saves World from Mom Jeans
Online retailer Betabrand & AI Chat Style Assistant Epytom partner up to streamline style for busy women.
SAN FRANCISCO, APRIL 18 — Moms have no bandwidth to browse style blogs and fashion mags. With businesses to run and children to rear, it's no surprise that all too often they reduce their style to jeans and a tee.

Online clothing company Betabrand and AI Chat Style Assistant Epytom aim to change it with a partnership that allows Mom to stay focused on more important things as an AI-infused BFF helps her put together stylish looks in minutes the most natural way — via texts.

Finally, an A.I. application that makes sense!

"As a Mompreneur myself, I can't underestimate the importance of looking good while having all the things on my plate. Daily outfit suggestion from Epytom based on what you already have in your closet and Betabrand's practical pieces that can effortlessly go from boardroom to playroom help women like me look and feel great. With a few tips from Epytom's style experts, Mompreneurs everywhere can be confident in their style 24/7," says Anastasia Sartan, CEO of Epytom

According to Betabrand CMO, Aaron Magness: "The problem with most bots today is that brands are launching them just to get them out. We wanted to find a way to be truly helpful and engaging to help busy moms discover and shop."

Here is how it works: Betabrand creates clothes that predict and simplify the challenges every Mompreneur faces while juggling career and children; then, Epytom steps in to deliver the roadmap for working these high-functioning pieces into every mom's individual style through daily advice and styling tips via Messenger. We've built a game based on the untold stories of Mompreneurs that allows users to follow working moms through their day and help them make daily decisions.

To experience it for yourself, simply search for Epytom in your Facebook Messenger app or on desktop. Type 'betabrand' to play the game. Subscribers will get seven unique gaming experiences spotlighting different Betabrand products.

Our goal is to help Mompreneurs achieve more while looking great all day, every day.