Epytom Announces B2B Solution for Fashion Brands
The proven solution with 1M monthly incoming messages drives key KPIs—conversion, retention, and engagement—in a personalized omnichannel journey.
The Largest AI Personal Stylist Chatbot Goes Beyond Customer Service with a Plug-n-Play B2B Solution for Fashion Brands

San Jose, CA—January 17, 2018 – Chatbots are dead, long live the chatbots! Facebook's announcement to dissolve its personal chat assistant M comes at the time of the long overdue chatbot industry pivot towards more comprehensive solutions tailored to specific niches and unique industry demands.

Leading the pack of the new business-oriented chatbots is Epytom, the largest AI Personal Stylist that is launching its first Beta plug-and-play B2B solution for fashion brands in Q1 2018.

Unlike the existing White Label solutions, Epytom provides a scalable way for fashion brands to continuously turn customer data into intelligent and actionable insights in a closed-loop process. With a proven track record of improving key fashion business KPIs such as engagement, conversions, and retention and an expansive fashion-specific dataset, Epytom gives fashion brands an opportunity to personalize customer journey in a way they came to expect and beyond.

First rolled out as the B2C pilot testing last year, Epytom's closed-loop system ensures deep personalization in the native chat and voice interfaces. It starts with the initial customer data collected through an organic onsite experience leveraging image recognition technology. The data then travels through a proprietary recommender system that compiles dozens of factors to effectively recommend a perfect outfit idea for the user's appearance, wardrobe, weather, agenda, and style. The service gathers users' feedback at each step thus continuously expanding the data library and improving recommendations' accuracy.

Fashion brands will be able to replace their "Chat now" button with a Facebook Messenger plug-in and engage customers with personalized suggestions as they are browsing the site. The conversation then stays in Messenger providing an opportunity to deliver personalized "what to wear" suggestions and targeted offers with the engagement ratio much higher than traditional marketing channels.

"Our B2C trial proves that conversational personalization is the future of e-commerce. We are now seeing 31% 4th-month user retention and 64% of our users engage with their outfit suggestions 2-3 times a week. Our plug-and-play B2B solution—fashion recommendation platform via chat—is an opportunity for fashion brands to engage with their audience one-on-one in a truly organic and scalable way by leveraging a fashion-specific dataset to drive key business KPIs," says Anastasia Sartan, the founder and CEO of Epytom.

Epytom's B2B solution is already getting traction from the fashion industry largest players proving that chatbot's appeal for the industry transcends customer service solutions. With the right implementation and goals in mind, the future of conversational solutions in retail is bright.

About Epytom:

Founded in 2016 as the first AI personal stylist chatbot, Epytom (m.me/epytom) is the largest fashion recommendation platform via chat and a pioneer in low-cost scalable fashion personalization. Enhanced with a sophisticated proprietary AI stack and closed loop personalization algorithms, Epytom currently serves 500,000 Active Monthly Users on Facebook Messenger. Funded by Founders Fund and prominently featured at 2017 F8, Forbes, Inc., WWD, The Verge and others, Epytom is a San Francisco Bay Area company created by Anastasia Sartan, a serial entrepreneur, investor, and finalist of "Entrepreneur of the year 2015" by Ernst & Young.