#eMompreneurs Campaign Spotlights Working Moms Killing It in Life
The first AI stylist Epytom celebrates Mompreneurs in the new campaign
For us Moms, impossible is a joke ????
Doing more with less is a piece of cake ????
Temper tantrums are fuel for creativity ????
Now, if only all Moms had a little bit MORE TIME.
How will you change the world in 20 minutes a day?

San Francisco, CA—March 13, 2017 - One of the main reasons women today choose to have kids later and later in life is for the fear of 'losing it all'. But what if trying to have it all was not the answer? What if it was a wasted effort, detrimental to happiness and the results?

Anastasia Sartan, founder and CEO of the first and largest Stylist Bot in the U.S., is set out to prove it by helping working moms always look stylish while reducing the amount of time and money they spend on fashion. "Get Rid of Excess. Focus on Style" is this project's mantra.

"Everything started when I refused to abandon my career when I had my Irish twins. Instead, I committed to dedicating fixed hours to work and fitting as much as I could in those chunks of time. My philosophy was: you don't have to quit your career to have kids, nor do you need to delay having children to build a career. Perhaps, being a Mom counterintuitively helps in business—when working with limitations, you are forced to focus on the most important?" says Anastasia.

This is what her stylist bot Epytom is premised on. It limits the wardrobe to a set of multi-functional items, taking away the excessive choices and headache that comes with them. Every day, it sends a new combination of some of those pieces, fit for user's weather and preferences.

Very few know and even fewer talk about what the lives of Mompreneurs are really like. It's when you work before and after your job. It's when you relax strictly on schedule or five minutes before passing out. It's when you don't have time for anything, especially yourself. But what if we gave those superhumans extra 20 minutes a day and empowered them? What could they achieve with the next-level organizational, time management, and creative skills they all secretly carry?

"#eMompreneurs Time for a Сhange" is a campaign created to support Mompreneurs, tell their stories and inspire others to achieve more every day. Every day, Epytom bot sends outfits ideal for working moms' hectic lives, when you first need to drive your kids to school, then deliver a killer presentation at work, then buy groceries and afterwards make dinner while helping with homework. The looks are different for everyone and fitted to the weather and lifestyle. Finally, Epytom tells inspiring stories of real-life Mompreneurs. For example, vlogger Jackie Shultz of Life with Jackie says that with extra 20 minutes a day she gets "more of my work done during the day so that I don't stay up until 2 AM editing my vlogs and answering comments every night." Jackie says that "feeling like I look good and am dressed well gives me a boost in energy and confidence throughout the day."

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