Chatbots Offer Users Fashion Solutions in the Organic Messenger Environment
Mindful consumption emerges as a trend in the field with Epytom Stylist Bot
San Francisco, CA—September 29, 2016 – Epytom (, the first stylist chat-bot that simplifies fashion for busy people, today announced the launch of its beta version on Facebook Messenger. Epytom is pioneering the scalable chatbot technology that brings low-cost personalization via AI-driven algorithms to the messenger platform.

Messengers have been deemed "the new apps" by the New York Times, and the Wired announced the arrival of the "the post-app Internet" era that "lets you do everything within a chat." Epytom is the only bot-first company in the fashion space; it leverages the native way users communicate with their circle — through a messenger — to solve the constant dilemma of "what should I wear today" and take the stress out of looking good.

With the mantra "Get rid of excess. Focus on style," Epytom sends subscribers daily looks built entirely from the 40 clothing items (including accessories) that comprise the perfect utilitarian Epytom wardrobe. Users are encouraged to experiment with the pieces they already own by implementing Epytom's styling tips and mindfully fill in the blanks in their 40-piece capsule — Epytom offers a single perfect option vetted by the team of experts in terms of style, fit, quality, and price. This extreme narrowing down of the choice uncomplicates decision-making process and simplifies style.

Before now looking good required spending lots of time and money either on overwhelming choice online or personal styling. The latest scalable advancement—subscription services—still heavily rely on user's time investment and often don't deliver desired results.

Epytom is different. Already the service offers simplified choice with only 40 common pieces and encourages to buy less, not more. Location-based personalization allows the service to send users looks targeted to the weather in their location. The AI and neural networks-driven technology will soon allow for deeper personalization without user information input — it will analyze open social media accounts, including images, to draw all the data it needs with the user's approval. And because Epytom "lives" on the Facebook platform, it abides by Facebook's strict privacy protection policy.

Epytom leads the pack of brands that venture into the chatbot space to garner the power of one-on-one interaction and recreate the elements of the in-store experience online. Brands like Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger invested in the technology during recent New York Fashion Week releasing purchase-oriented bots. Meanwhile, Epytom is the only bot-first company in the space that sees more than 50% user retention rate on the second month. Epytom currently has 30,000 active daily users. Advanced personalization features will be released by December 2016.