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How it works
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Take the style quiz
Introduce yourself and show off your unique taste so we can celebrate it in clothes we create for you!
Approve the sketch
After the quiz, request the sketch of your dress for a flat fee of $15. Our designer will sketch your unique piece in 24 hours. Approve your sketch or collaborate with the designer until you love the result - infinite revisions are included. The design fee is applied towards your order.
Have it sewn just for you
Choose standard sizing or have a private video measurement session with our tailor for that perfect fit. Your piece will be sewn and delivered to your door in just 15 days.
Less Hustle,
More Value
We create the most loved and complimented pieces in your wardrobe starting at $150
☆ Full refund is guaranteed at every step ☆
Full refund is guaranteed at every step!
Why Custom-Made?
Mass market is for generic masses. Your personal designer creates each piece individually to celebrate everything that makes you unique.
Perfect Fit
Our expert tailor will measure you over a video call. We will take care of every detail in your unique design, just like a Hollywood tailor would.
We sew on demand just for you. No overproduction that kills our environment. No marketing tricks to sell you dead stock.
I want to thank you and your designer for my beautiful dress. I wore it yesterday for the CTOs meeting and I got so many compliments! Thank you so much! I will definitely order another one soon :)
This dress is amazing, thank you so much! I love the weight of the fabric, and the fit and color are to die for!
...Being a transgender woman, I often have a list of problems I run into when choosing clothing, and I tend to end up compromising on one or two points each time I buy a new item. Having a custom dress like this tackles all those issues and makes this one of the best fitting items in my wardrobe right now. ...You've made a fan and I would definitely look forward to getting another dress made by you.
I just received the dress! It fit perfectly - I'm so excited to wear it! I don't really have a picture yet, but once I do, I'll send it to you. Thank you so much for everything, it's such a cool concept and idea.
Tech fashion companies that have the ability to produce right sized product which uniquely meets the needs and desires of each client…AND are producing more efficiently, responsibly and sustainably, are the future of fashion. Epytom is one of these companies.

Epytom's brand mirrors our 501(c)(3) non-profit's mission, AZ Apparel Foundation, in providing innovative, sustainable, small-batch manufacturing. As such, we are thrilled to partner with Epytom in revolutionizing the fashion industry.
Sherri Barri
Founder, Arizona Fashion Source
Our founder's story
Hi there, I'm Anastasia. In my 20s, I've built a large e-commerce in Europe. One day, I woke up and realized we've been manufacturing what no one really needs and then trying to find someone to buy it. It didn't feel right; certainly not what my customers really needed. This is why I committed to following my dream: to create a fashion brand where each piece has a meaning, a reason to exist, and is created for a real person — You.

I welcome you to the world where fashion is done differently; where it is finally done right.
Made to Measure.
From the first sketch to the private video measurement session to the undivided attention of our small atelier staff, it's a true bespoke experience from the comfort of your home. A perfect fit is our guarantee.
You receive your order in 15 days after your full payment and measurements are in. Fall in love with your custom piece or send it back in 3 days. Shipping is free both ways. Our money-back guarantee means seamless refund at every step.
We use the highest quality sustainable fabrics we can find at the moment. We guarantee the fabric content, color, and quality. Select your price range to unlock your fabric options. You can always request specific fabrics or tell us what to avoid. Or wait to see what you designer suggest and collaborate on the updates from there.
Country of origin
We manufacture in the US. Our process allows us to manufacture each piece on-demand to your unique measurements and avoid dead stock. To achieve this, we developed intimate relationships with our factories and found those that treat each piece with the care and attention it deserves. We pay fair wages and make sure our pattern makers, sewers and other partners enjoy coming to work.
A unique tailored piece we create just for you will cost between $150 and $300. Brand name dresses of a similar quality retail for $800+. A $15 design fee starts the process and lets you see the sketch of your design; it is then applied towards the full amount of your order. You will be asked your comfortable price range during our quiz. Higher budget unlocks more fabric options.
Custom doesn't stop at our factories. If the fit isn't quite right, we will alter your piece for free (shipping both ways is on us, too). If you just didn't fall in love with your custom garment, we will match it with a charity that supports women or, if unable to, will responsibly recycle it.
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