It's 2018. Is your brand
Customers now expect a personalized omnichannel journey.
Learn how you can stay one message ahead of the competition.
Epytom engages your customers in direct conversation to gather data that returns to you as actionable insights
See what conversational personalization can do for your fashion brand.
Personalized customer-centric journey lead by your product and 1-on-1 communication at scale
Major conversion, engagement, and lifecycle KPIs improvements
Our plug-and-play solution leaves your team free to focus on business as you reap the benefits
How does Epytom work?
From on-site chat plugin to organic follow up in Messenger
Start with onsite experience
Engage your customers as they browse the site with an offer of personalized outfit ideas that remains in their personal Messenger thread with your brand.
Collect user data
Get to know your users even better through organic scalable 1-on-1 conversation and computer vision.
Turn user data into tailored outfit idea
Inspire your users with outfit ideas tailored to their agenda and weather. Show them how real people they can relate to wear clothes similar to what they have or bought.
Follow Up in Messenger
The whole conversation history stays in Messenger. Follow up organically with more outfit suggestions, curated shopping lists, styling tips, personalized offers and more.
The verge
"The best existing style AI advice comes from Epytom."
Why Epytom?
Personalization at scale
Personalization at scale
Talk to each of your customers like their best friend and give them exactly what they are looking for
A message ahead of competition
A message ahead of competition

The only conversational solution augmented with targeted fashion business metrics and an extensive fashion-specific dataset
Omnichannel customer journey
Omnichannel customer journey
Starts on your site, continues in their favorite coffee shop
Organic customer data collection
Organic customer data collection
Customers share essential details through fun interactive tests and feedbacks about the looks
Closed feedback loop
Closed feedback loop
Each additional data snippet fine-tunes recommendations and delivers in-depth customer insights
Proprietary AI technology
Proprietary AI technology
Multi-level recommender system enhanced with computer vision delivers precise fashion recommendations
Extensive database
Extensive database
Vast and continuously expanding database of influencers and outfits to suit every user's personal style and appearance
Seamless integration
Seamless integration
Plug-and-play solution, as simple as that
Instant KPI improvements
Instant KPI improvements
See major improvements in engagement, conversion, and retention rates
B2B Chatbot Solutions
Dedicated Service Teams
Proprietary AI technology for targeted fashion business metrics
Ready-made solution for positive feedback look
Proven leading numbers
Vast and growing fashion-specific dataset for personalized recommendations
Organic integration solution for voice assistants
Epytom Stylist B2C Beta
We believed that AI-enabled scalable personalization is the future, so we asked 500,000 people to try it out. They agreed.
Users who continue to actively engage with Epytom after 5 months
Engage with the content 2-3 times a week
Monthly incoming messages
What users say about us
"It's just so simple to use. You enter your info once and then you get personalized notifications whenever you want. Plus it doesn't take any space since this isn't an app. I truly love this format!"
Charlotte B.
"Epytom injected order into a set of unconnected ideas I had for a while. I have few "never miss" combinations (such as a pair of jeans + an informal, good shirt + blazer jacket), Epytom expanded my option and gave me a very easy way to complete them."
Greg K.
"The most useful feature is dressing according to the weather. It let's me know what the conditions will be for the day and helps me style accordingly. It keeps me from slipping back into my old dress habits while dressing appropriately for the weather."
Alice C.
"I suck at coordinating colors, layering, and really wearing anything past a tee and jeans/sweats on my own. But Epytom has saved my sanity...It's a huge confidence boost to have a coordinated outfit. Epytom pairs your clothes in hundreds of ways for a daily fresh look...from the same wardrobe."
Amber H.
"I decided to use Epytom because I wanted new ideas on clothes to wear. I usually just wear the same things so I thought it was time for a change. Epytom gives me ideas on what to buy, how to put outfits together and a lot of inspiration. It's great."
Dana D.
"For someone in a creative field who has to make many decisions throughout the day, I wanted one less choice to make. Epytom is — less time wasted, less stress, less wasted energy. I have fewer choice but I can be sure that whatever I pick will look amazing."
Nick K.
"I was falling behind getting ready in the morning. Epytom makes my mornings run through seemlessly because I don't have to think about what to wear anymore."
Annalyce W.
"[I've gotten] Pretty good results really. Like I get to be complimented by friends that I look really good on my outfits or that my outfits really suits me and stuff like that and it feels good to hear them say that. Thanks to Epytom!"
Julie Mae A.
"Three things I'd always wear were tshirts, pants, and closed footwear. I'm never a fan with dresses and short skirts. Suddenly, it became hard to me because I think I'm too plain. When I first tried to use Epytom, I realized that there are many ways to rock shirts and there are other tops right there other than tshirts."
Maria Z.
Meet our team
Our team brings to the table a unique blend of fashion and tech expertise
Anastasia Sartan
Founder & CEO
  • Founder, CEO of (profitable, 8M Series A, B)
  • EY Entrepreneur of a year, 2015
Alexander Sova
  • Co-founder of (ML solutions for brands,100 employes, 2 offices)
  • Previous exits: Hexlet, Pipebytes
Marianna Milkis-Edwards
Head of Product
  • 6 years Fashion Editor at InStyle
  • International Content and Brand Strategy
Greg Kwolek
Sales Strategy
  • Senior WD, Maxtor, Quantum executive
  • Startup founder and investor: Sheepla, Coub, Grintern, IMBS
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