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We Make Custom Clothing Easy So You Don't Have to Compromise Anymore
The Maison Me Difference
Unique as You Are
There is no way mass market can know what you are all about. Our designers, au contraire, would love to find out.
Fits Just Right Everywhere
Sizes are a joke. We make each piece to your unique measurements for that flawless fit.
Versatile & Comfortable
Your days are long. The materials and details we choose for your vision make it a go-to you'll reach for the most with the lowest cost-per-wear.
Quality You Can Afford
You shouldn't have to be rich to look your best. Our clothes are priced $150-$250 for the quality that costs $500+ in stores.

Look as Good or Better Than You Imagined
Be The Best Dressed Person in the Room
Let Your Clothes Empower You
Reach Your Full Potential by Looking the Part
Look as Good or Better Than You Imagined
Be The Best Dressed Person in the Room
Let Your Clothes Empower You
Reach Your Full Potential by Looking the Part

Our 4-Step Plan
How to Get Clothes You've Been Searching For
Tell Your Designer What You Want
Describe your vision in as much or as little detail as you wish; upload inspirations; list your preferences in an interactive form.
Receive 3 Sketches & Work Out the Final Design
Mix and match elements or change direction completely while chatting with your designer in real time.
Take Your Measurements
Under a careful guidance of our professional tailor during a video call.
Wear Your Vision
Your piece will arrive in 14 days. Because you have the right to feel good about yourself in what you wear!


Our "Love It" Guarantee!
Cyan Banister, Partner at Founders Fund, Top VC
Cyan Banister, Partner at Founders Fund, Top VC
Photo Updates Throughout the Process
Free Alterations After You Try It On
Full Refund at Every Step of the Process
meet your designers
Nobody should wear ill-fitting clothes and compromise on their vision of themselves. Anastasia (@EpySartan) and Marianna (@MaisonMilkis) came from the two poles of the fashion industry to create staples that are exactly as you want them to be, so you keep reaching for them.

For the past 10 years, Anastasia built an ecommerce brand and designed exclusive collections for it while Marianna honed her creative vision studying from the best world designers as an editor of InStyle magazine.
We've been there. Leaving a maxed out fitting room empty-handed because nothing is quite right. Searching for pieces we want for months but only finding awkward copies.

Until one day we realized that telling people how they should dress simply doesn't work. People do not wear 50-80% of their wardrobes because both mass market and high-end clothes make them feel like there is something wrong with them. So we embarked to change it.

Imagine yourself striding confidently and turning heads in perfectly fitting clothes that express your inner self. Even better, imagine yourself loving how you look without spending tons of money or brain space. Now you can have the exact clothes you've been searching for, so you everyday story starts with a smile.

A Word to Our Clients
I want to thank you and your designer for my beautiful dress. I wore it yesterday for the CTOs meeting and I got so many compliments! Thank you so much! I will definitely order another one soon :)
This dress is amazing, thank you so much! I love the weight of the fabric, and the fit and color are to die for!
...Being a transgender woman, I often have a list of problems I run into when choosing clothing, and I tend to end up compromising on one or two points each time I buy a new item. Having a custom dress like this tackles all those issues and makes this one of the best fitting items in my wardrobe right now. ...You've made a fan and I would definitely look forward to getting another dress made by you.
Everybody was asking me about my red dress today! I was talking to the ladies - my age - they were totally stunned and very interested. The fact of a unique piece and made to order for special body types, plus the fact of shopping sustainably and mindfully...Having a designer suggest a piece is a totally new feeling! I am really HAPPY!

You receive your order in 15 days after your full payment and measurements are in. Fall in love with your custom piece or send it back in 3 days. Shipping is free both ways. Our Love It guarantee means seamless refund at every step.
Custom doesn't stop at our factories. If the fit isn't quite right, we will alter your piece for free (shipping both ways is on us, too). If you just didn't fall in love with your custom garment, we will match it with a charity that supports women or, if unable to, will responsibly recycle it.
We use the highest quality sustainable fabrics we can find at the moment. We guarantee the fabric content, color, and quality. Your designer will pick fabrics based on your desired feel and price and confirm the final choice with you. You can always request specific fabrics or tell us what to avoid.
Country of origin
We manufacture in the US. Our process allows us to manufacture each piece on-demand to your unique measurements and avoid dead stock. To achieve this, we developed intimate relationships with our factories and found those that treat each piece with the care and attention it deserves. We pay fair wages and make sure our pattern makers, sewers and other partners enjoy coming to work.
A unique tailored piece we create just for you will cost between $150 and $250. Brand name dresses of a similar quality retail for $500+. A $15 design fee starts the process and lets you see the sketches of your design; it is then applied towards the full amount of your order. Your designer will work within your specified price range.
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