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The verge
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Who we are
Uniquely smart, stylish, and perfectly suited to your figure, style, lifestyle, agenda, and wardrobe. Epytom brings you one-of-a-kind customized clothing especially created for you, at
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The Perfect Fit -
100% Tailor-made
One-of-a-kind pieces designed exclusively for you! Your body - your measurements -
your unique style preferences! It's just like having your own personal tailor!
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Top quality clothing at attractive prices! Love what you wear without worrying about
Be a Savvy Dresser Every Day!
The top quality pieces we design exclusively for you are your best style investment! You
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Self-expression and Variety
With our classy, perfect pieces you'll have fun, limitless combinations created just for
Epytom is all about you, your unique sense of style, and who you are today!
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Here is how it works:
Join us on Messenger today
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Answer a few brief questions
Your designer will carefully consider all of them in your dress.
Rate a few outfits
Help us understand your unique taste!
Make a one-time refundable design fee of $15
Designer starts working on your dress immediately.
Get your first exclusive design directly from a designer in 24 hours!
Approve, collaborate on changes, or cancel and get a full refund - no strings attached.
Place your first order
In just a couple of clicks your unique dress is sent to production.
Get a one-of-a-kind custom-made dress in 10 days!
Your unique dress arrives to your doorstep.
Fall in love with it, or send it back in 3 days, and get a full refund
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