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Have you ever...
Found yourself and your wallet exhausted from constantly shopping for clothes and somehow still having "nothing to wear?"
Felt like keeping up with trends takes too much of your life?
Been overwhelmed by the pressure to always look good with everything else on your plate?
Wondered what it's like to have personal stylist take care of all your fashion needs?
Our research shows that you only need 40 items of clothing to epitomize chic & effortless style
We created Epytom because we believe shopping experience today is broken: we exhaust ourselves and our wallets, run out of space in our closets, but instead of feeling stylish and prepared for any life's even we end up feeling wasteful and still grappling with the eternal "What to wear today?"

It doesn't have to stay this way.

Epytom is the first style assistant that'll create your personal shopping strategy to get you the right set of "ingredients" and supplement it with a "cookbook" — a lifetime of free styling advice, delivered daily.

How It Works
Epytom is the first style assistant that helps you streamline your wardrobe by evaluating clothes you have, suggesting key pieces you need, and offering free styling advice daily.
Mark what you own
We start with what you already have and work from there. No photos or annoying forms required.
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Get missing pieces handpicked with your budget in mind
Your personal stylist will curate 5 pieces that help you make the most of the clothes you have. This is what we call zero-effort strategic shopping!
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Always have a stylish look to wear
You'll never run out of outfits with coordinated wardrobe and a lifetime of free styling advice! No more stress about what and how to wear.
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Why Epytom?
Epytom develops your personal shopping strategy around your current style and wardrobe without constant need for more stuff. Anything you get through Epytom has been vetted for quality, versatility, and lasting style.
Epytom takes care of everything fashion—strategizing, shopping, matching, pairing—so you don't have to.
Forget feeling wasteful and overspending on clothes you don't wear. With Epytom, every item you own will work for you.
You get a lifetime of free daily outfit ideas in Messenger and strategic style delivered to your doorstep when you need it.
You look and feel effortlessly stylish in any life's event, all while making the smart and sustainable choices.
The verge
"The best existing style AI advice comes from Epytom."
Go ahead. Compare us to the other guys.
Your lifetime of free styling advice is waiting!

What clients say about us
Epytom paid for itself after just one Forever21 top that I wouldn't have worn. My stylist Heather has been incredibly attentive to my style preferences and budget concerns, and sent me some brands I've never heard of that were totally up my alley and much better quality than my usual fast fashion. I kept everything and already got compliments for looking more polished. Just in time to start interviewing for jobs. Thanks Epytom for taking care of my image!
Diana, AL
Epytom is the first thing I check in the morning. With Epytom's advice, I effortlessly pick my day look and wear different outfits daily.
Tatiana, CA
Product Manager
I suck at coordinating colors, layering, and really wearing anything past a tee + jeans/sweats on my own. But Epytom has saved my sanity...It's a huge confidence boost to have a coordinated outfit. Epytom pairs your clothes in hundreds of ways for a daily fresh look...from the same wardrobe.
Amber, MO
With Epytom, it takes me 10 minutes to find a cool outfit. Before it would take me 10 minutes as well but only because I wouldn't get dressed. I would drop my kids off at school in whatever I wore to bed!
Jackie, CA
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