Can we feature you in front of 500K users of the largest AI Stylist?
Epytom is an artificial intelligence stylist in Facebook Messenger with 1 Million views a month. We were featured at WWD, Fashionista, Quartz, Forbes and more. The Verge even called us "The best existing style AI advice," so there's that.

We are hosting an open call for new Epytom Influencers! If you have a fashion Instagram with quality photos and would like to appear in Epytom with a direct link to your profile under each photo, we want to hear from you!

Our loyal, fashion-conscious 500k users love discovering new fashion influencers and following them. And we'll make it easy by linking to your profile in every single photo.

There are NO fees and NO additional actions required on your end. You also DON'T need to produce any additional content. If you use and like the service, we'd appreciate a shout out, but that's 100% your call - you will get exposure to 500,000 new potential followers either way.
Simply reply 'Yes' to accept the terms back in Messenger or send us an email to to grant us permission to show your photos to our subscribers (legal terms are here).

Here is a bit more about us:
  • Multiple times a week we show our 500,000 audience how to mix and match clothes they already have with examples from influencers like yourself. Our users get rid of stress from "having nothing to wear," make the most of their closets, and start getting compliments on their style (30% of them, according to our recent survey!)
  • Each influencer gets on average 30,000 views a week. Users who love your style can click on the link and seamlessly follow you on Instagram.
  • Every month we send you a report with stats on exposure, which photos were used, and the traffic we sent your way.
  • You DON'T need to produce additional content for this - we use your existing Instagram content and get you an exposure to fresh, loyal, fashion- and style-conscious audience.
Here is a quick snapshot of our partnership with Daria Shapovalova:

Hi there, Epytom team!
Thank you for sending me the monthly report. I did notice when you plugged in the service - I immediately got a spike in followers. Now it has evened out a bit. Still looking at about 350 in a month, not bad at all. Thank you for this!

I look forward to continuing working together and just scheduled an Instagram post mentioning you.

Daria Shapovalova
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